Martín Elfman, spanish-argentinian illustrator and traveller. Has lived in Israel, Barcelona, Lisbon, Venice and Naples. From 2006 becomes a  contributor to newspapers El País and El Periódico de Catalunya. Has collaborated in newspapers like the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe and the magazines New Republic, Hopkins Medicine, Advertising Age, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Family CircleLetras Libres, La Maleta de Portbou, Etiqueta Negra and El Malpensante.

 After four years living in La Paz (Bolivia), where has  cooperated with several NGO's on projects related to education and human rights, has recently mooved back to Barcelona.

His work has been shown in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Japan.

His illustrations for the book Latin America on Motion had recently been selected by the American Society of Illustrators.

"In my work I try to create images with strong ideas expressed in a simple and elegant way. The task of a good illustration is to dialogue with the text and look for new and surprising ways of showing the hidden concepts under its words. I love using geometric shapes and very few colors in my compositions, so that nothing distracts from the main idea. The success depends on the aomunt of wit employed to solve the challenges posed by the assignment. The goal, on asking the viewer's active participation in reading the message. He's the one that completes the sense of a good illustration."